About ECA

14 Марта 2014

Interregional ecological nonprofit organization “ECA” was founded in 2010.

“ECA” is represented in over than 45 regions of Russia by regional and local departments.

One of the first large-scale programs of ECA Green Movement is the federal program “More oxygen!” http://ecamir.ru/projects/Programma-Bolshe-kisloroda.html, supported by Faberlic.

Over than 10 million of trees have been planted in over than 5 000 schools by activists, teachers and students during 7 stages of the program. Another partner of the program is the Federal forestry agency. ECA annually participates in the National Forest planting day and federal event “Live, forest!”.

The movement realizes several programs around the country – “Green schools of Russia”, “Green universities of Russia”, “River keepers” dedicated to protection and purification of small rivers, “Discharge” program dedicated to battery recycling and other ones.
ECA leaders promote healthy lifestyle as an integral part of ecolife through “Zdravitsa” and “Bicycling Russia” programs.
Every month the movement organizes an Action Day campaign on a specific ecological issue in tens of regions of the country. Some of those are the following: International Water day, “AntiFire” (against forest fire), International Birds day, Bicycling Action day, No plastic bags day, International animal protection week, Energy saving day, Recycling day and so on.

At the same time regional ECA leaders develop local projects and work on local problems in collaboration with regional administrations, business structures and NGOs, develop eco-communities in their regions and build up a strong eco-network around the country.

Read more about the programs on our website.

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About ECA leaders:
ECA is all about people. Active, creative, conscious, responsible ones, who get together in an interregional community, a community with a dream about green future and an intention to act and make the “green revolution” happen – from a revolution in daily habits to building a green economy.
Our goal is the green revolution in Russia
Our mission is living in harmony with nature.
What do we do to achieve our goals?
We elaborate and realize ecological projects with concrete results, search for like-minded people and develop our community.