About ECA 

The ECA is an interregional environmental NGO established in 2010.

Our mission is to involve as many people as possible in reducing our environmental footprint and caring for nature.

Among the directions of ECA are the implementation of large-scale programs and projects for environmental education of children, youth, and adults (all-Russian environmental lessons on various subjects), responsible waste management, protection of the environmental rights of citizens, reforestation, and others. 

From 2010 to 2015, reforestation activities were carried out as part of the nationwide "More Oxygen!" program. During the program, 10 million trees were planted, and 5,000 school nurseries were created in 47 regions of Russia with the participation of teachers and students under the guidance of ECA activists.

Our Projects

PosadiLes (Plant the Forest)

Official website of the project: en.posadiles.ru

In October 2015, ECA t teamed up with PosadiLes.ru. This online service offers everyone the opportunity ​to plant a tree without leaving home by supporting forest planting in different regions of Russia, conducted by volunteers of the organization.

During the four years of the PosadiLes.ru service's operation, more than 4,900 users have supported the planting of nearly 136,800 trees in seven regions of Russia.

With the PosadiLes.ru service, anyone can:

1) Go to the website, choose a number of trees, and donate to their planting.

2) Receive a certificate: for yourself or as a gift.

3) After planting, get a photo and GPS coordinates of the planting site.

Trees are planted en masse (500 or more saplings per planting), mainly in suburban areas that have suffered from fires, freezing rain or were destroyed by insects.

PosadiLes regional coordinators make arrangements with local forestries, which allocate areas in need of reforestation, prepare them in a special way, accompany the planting process (instructions and direct supervision), and provide ​​agricultural aftercare.

EcoClass (interactive environmental lessons for schools)

Official website of the project: экокласс.рф

To show how any of us, even a student, can live environmentally friendly and contribute to nature conservation, ECA creates environmental lessons and involves tens of thousands of teachers all over the country.

The project team has already created 43 environmental lessons with the support of different partners. These lessons are conducted by teachers and volunteers in Russia and in 11 other countries.

Over 100,000 teachers and volunteers have conducted our environmental lessons. Over 4,000,000 children have participated in them.

A professional team, including teacher educators and expert practitioners who understand both the topics of the lessons and how to make their content as exciting and useful to children as possible, works on the creation of interactive lessons. 

What makes our environmental lessons unique: 

The suite of lesson materials is designed to require a minimum of effort and time to prepare and conduct the lesson.

Protection of Environmental Rights

The direction "Protection of Environmental Rights" aims to help citizens, activists, and initiative groups protect nature and their rights to a satisfactory and healthy environment.

This activity is carried out in several directions:

1) Consulting

Consulting of professional lawyers and other experts in case of applications from citizens, activists, and initiative groups from different regions concerning violations of environmental rights.

2) Human rights activities

Informational, organizational, and other support for regional campaigns launched by citizens, activists, and initiative groups to protect their environmental rights.

3) Outreach work:

- Conducting regular training (including online) seminars on various tools and aspects of environmental rights protection.

- Preparation and distribution of expert recommendations by professional lawyers on various issues.

Kapoosta (green solutions for life and business)

Official website of the project: kapoosta.ru

The project aims to develop an environmentally friendly lifestyle and ethical consumption. We help build relationships between participants with the aid of an online map of green objects. We also help promote environmentally responsible organizations and train businesses in implementing systematic "green" practices.

Kapoosta.ru has several directions:

1) Online Map

The Kapoosta environmental guide is an online map of green objects, services, and events, which anyone can add. Among the objects added to Kapoosta are stores where you can buy eco/bio/organic goods; raw food, vegan, vegetarian cafes; environmental events; non-profit environmental organizations; information about social entrepreneurs in the ecosphere and other thematic objects.

There is an online map with more than 3,800 spots from 69 regions.

2) Consulting for business

We provide business  with consulting services on reducing the ecological footprint of business various aspects of their activities.

3) Events

We popularize ideas of the green economy through events in different cities involving business leaders and media. The aim of the events is to present certain measures taken by businesses to reduce their environmental footprint in various areas of activity, share successful cases, and develop a community of environmentally responsible companies.

Ecowiki (platform for popularizing eco-friendly lifestyle)

Official website of the portal: ecowiki.ru

Ecowiki.ru is a platform for popularizing eco-friendly lifestyle, developing environmental initiatives and green communities in Russia.

More than 45,000 people have already registered on the ECOWIKI platform. We have collected answers to many questions on environmental topics in the form of instructions, tutorials for action, and successful experiences so that everyone can easily start leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle and involve others in it, transforming the world around them to preserve and improve the quality of the environment.

Ecowiki project activities have already been carried out by 800 activists in 81 regions of Russia. More than half a million people have taken part in these actions. At ECOWIKI, you can take an online course, "Managing to Reduce Disaster Risk," created jointly with WWF Russia.

ECOWIKI is a lively, dynamically developing platform, constantly updated with authors and innovators from the green community.

Green Universities of Russia

Official website of the program: greenuniversity.ru

The "Green Universities of Russia" program was launched in 2016 and aimed to develop an environmental culture in universities and implement green practices. The participants of the program are students, teachers, and employees of universities. The program includes both educational activities and applied projects aimed at forming environmental competencies in students and implementing useful green practices at universities (such as waste sorting, water and energy efficiency measures, landscaping, responsible purchases, and other measures to reduce the environmental footprint). Program participants get free access to ready-to-use interactive quests and methodological materials on greening universities and developing student environmental clubs.